Rock Sins Video Of The Year Vote 2018! Trivium, Paramore and Many, Many More

Rock Sins Video Of The Week

Something we here at Rock Sins always look forward to at the end of each year – the annual battle to find our most popular music video of the last twelve months. We’ve slacked a little on our video of the week contests this year – but we’ve still had thirteen worthy winners, all of whom are represented here for the final battle!

And what a range of bands, styles and genres we have too. Everything from the power pop / pop punk of Not Ur Girlfrenz to the post-metal ambience of Ireland’s finest Raum Kingdom. Big names like Trivium and Paramore through to bands far less known but no less worthy like Strange Planes and Vulture Cult. We’ve even got a band from another planet in the shape of Sick N’ Beautiful!

The vote is going to run from now until the 7th of January to give everyone plenty of time to vote and get involved, and you can check out all of the videos below – who are all already winners in their own right from the weekly contests. But there can be only one Rock Sins video of the year, so who will you choose? Voting closes at midday UK time on Monday the 7th of January 2019! Let the battle commence!

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Halflives – Fugitive

Not Ur Girlfrenz – No One Asked You Anyway

Strange Planes – Darkness Here

Delayed Departure – Neon Lights

Rxptrs – Parasites

Raum Kingdom – Rebuilding The Bridge

Poly-Math – Alchemy

Vulture Cult – Steamrolling

As Sirens Fall – Lily

Trivium – Beyond Oblivion

iDestroy – Lemons

Paramore – Rose Coloured Boy

Sick N’ Beautiful – Megalomaniacal