Heart of a Coward – The Disconnect

Heart Of A Coward - The Disconnect Album Cover Artwork

At this point there is no denying that Heart Of A Coward are stalwarts of heavy music. They may not be a leviathan in the scene, but through constant touring, appearances at every festival under the sun and support slots for such luminaries as Machine Head and SikTh, they have earned their respected position. With three albums under their collective belt, the quintet have bulldozed through expectations and made the world take notice. So, with a new frontman in tow, how does album four, The Disconnect, shape up?

From the off it’s apparent that the band have found a place of comfort and a signature sound. Drown In Ruin is an explosive start as the band swells into the foreground, bringing with them a seismic riff that is catapulted at you with the force of a trebuchet from the armies of Mordor. The riff itself is a chugging, low drawl that has a djenty tone to it, accentuating the technicality of the rhythm with which the band play. A huge chorus screamed by aforementioned new frontman, Kaan Tasan, cements this song as a certified banger, and one sure to become a fan favourite.

Musically the album is without fault, as each instrument is played with flair, and the performances have a vicious panache. There is perhaps something to be said for the constrictive nature of the genre within which Heart Of A Coward exist; metalcore is not historically a genre rich in experimentation or boundary pushing. However there is enough of a technical edge to the playing to keep the album reasonably interesting at least, and at best the songs explode into vibrancy. There is more than enough to satisfy long term fans, as well as usher in a new stable of prospective listeners. The likes of Culture of Lies and Suffocate are hard edged but retain a grooving bounce that is undeniably infectious.

The Disconnect is a fine album. By virtue of being metalcore it becomes somewhat predictable in its song structures, however the musicality on display is enough to light a fire of intrigue for each track. No song outstays its welcome; the work is concise and cohesive. While it may have been nice to hear Heart Of A Coward try something different, the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke’ applies heartily to this album. Simply put, it’s Heart Of A Coward doing what they do best, and doing a damn good job of it.

The Disconnect is released on the 7th of June through Arising Empire. You can pre-order the album from a variety of sources here.

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