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By Jamie Giberti, 19th July 2017 Download, Festival News, Gig Reviews, News

Finishing up our coverage of the Middle Saturday of Download 2017 is our look at The Avalanche Stage and The Dogtooth Stage for the day. The rest of our coverage for Download 2017, covering all of Friday and the other stages from Saturday, can be found on the links below:… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 19th July 2017 Download, Festival News, Gig Reviews, News

Continuing in the same vein as our Friday reviews, we had multiple members of Team Rock Sins at Donington the whole weekend of Download 2017, so following on from our Saturday Main Stage reviews, here you can find our Zippo Encore Stage reviews for Saturday. If you’ve missed any of… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 18th July 2017 Download, Features, Festival News, Gig Reviews, News

Following Friday night’s jubilation and partying into the early hours after Sum 41 and System Of A Down, team Rock Sins returned fresh, and not sporting too many hangovers, to tackle the second day of Download 2017, Middle Saturday. If you haven’t yet checked out our Friday coverage from Download… Read More »

By Greg Latham, 28th June 2017 Gig Reviews, News

The average person could count on one hand the amount of bands from the nu-metal era that are not only still going, but still relevant and Papa Roach would definitely make that list. Popping over on a quick jaunt to London to make up for a missed show whilst promoting… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 26th June 2017 Gig Reviews, News

With their second album Self Supremacy finally released. Malevolence set off on a headline tour of the UK so remind everyone exactly why they were one of the most talked about hardcore bands when they first emerged. As the tour made it’s way to London, Rock Sins caught the action. No Zodiac… Read More »