Metal Gig Reviews

By Simon Crampton, 13th December 2017 Gig Reviews, News

It’s been a little while since the U.K has had Stone Sour on its shores. Judging by the level of anticipation surrounding this tour, you could say people are a little bit excited to have them back. Tonight is the first of two stops in London at the famed Brixton… Read More »

By Connor Morris, 8th December 2017 Gig Reviews, Live Galleries, News

Northern Ireland’s most exciting band deliver a set in Manchester Academy 2 tonight which can’t be described as anything less than Earth-shattering, in support of their fifth LP, “The Endless Shimmering”. And So I Watch You From Afar (10) kick the night off with the hectic ‘Search:Party:Animal’ which sees the… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 23rd November 2017 Gig Reviews, Live Galleries, News

Over the last couple of years, Fireball have really taken up Jagermeister’s lead of helping to provide great live music at very affordable prices. The Fireball Fuelling The Fire Tour is another example of that, and Rock Sins was on hand at the second London show to see what went… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 22nd November 2017 Gig Reviews, News

Its a cold and miserable Wednesday night in Southampton. Which to be fair is kind of how it always is around these parts. But tonight it seems particularly apt as Cradle of Filth are in town, as part of their first extensive UK tour in just over a decade. So… Read More »

By Jack Fermor-Worrell, 17th November 2017 Gig Reviews, News

If you listened to a lot of rock radio stations in the early years of the 2000s, then chances are you’ll be familiar with Seether. The South African band made a huge splash, particularly in the US, with massive anthems like Fine Again, Broken, Remedy and Fake It, and have… Read More »