Fozzy – Boombox

No matter how we may avoid or reframe the thoughts; there’s no denying we carry a certain amount of darkness. Though as hard rock group FOZZY demonstrate, it’s how we face up to and present ourselves within that pain. With seventh studio album Boombox, we’re taken on a journey through the land of juxtaposition. Boombox…

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Crobot - Motherbrain Album Cover Artwork

Crobot – Motherbrain

From the opening notes of Crobot’s Motherbrain, you get an instantaneous feel for what you are going to get. A whisky soaked, sour mash of a record, replete with dirty southern riffs and earnest vocals delivering what can only be described as by numbers lyrics. Though the lyrics are by numbers, they aren’t the focal…

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Vola - Applause From A Distant Crowd Album Cover Artwork

VOLA – Applause of a Distant Crowd

Bursting forth from their Danish homeland with enough ideas to put even the most ardent of musicians to shame, progressive quartet VOLA have set out their stall to become a shining beacon in the world of interesting, inventive and technically challenging rock music. With sophomore album ‘Applause of a Distant Crowd’ featuring more twists and…

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Monster Truck - True Rockers Album Artwork

Monster Truck – True Rockers

9 years since forming Canadian band Monster Truck have overcome the difficult 3rd album syndrome by releasing the stereo melting ‘True Rockers’. Packed with ad-libs, huge choruses, rock & roll swagger and Dee Mother Fucking Snider, this album propels the band into the next level of live venue as it is begging to be performed…

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